Casino San Clemente


Historic Wedding Locations are one of our favorites choices to tie the knot and Casino San Clement is a great historic spot to check.

So let's get started...

The Location of San Clemente is not the most centralized place for guests and visitors to reach, but that's part of it's charm because it's outside of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and outside of busy San Diego, while being accessible to both, wedding locations in Orange County are really great. your guests can fly into and stay in either LA or San Diego, or anywhere in between, or even in San Clemente itself.  If you like this area, you might want to check out Wedding Locations in San Diego too.

San Clemente is known for great log boarding surf beach, San Onofre state beach. So getting married in San Clement for a surfing bunch would be pretty awesome because it's mellow enough for everyone to be in the marriage groove and get some surf in at the same time.

Ok, let's talk about the venue - Casino San Clement. As it's name suggests, it's not a Casino (back in the day, dance clubs were called casinos), but it does resemble what could be a casino out of an old spaghetti western movie.

It's cute and interesting at first glance which is great for your guests to have a new experience since you dragged them all the way across country to come to your wedding.

The venue has amazing sound, a super unique and cool floating dance floor, and looks like a museum at times as your walking through it with framed pictures of old movie stars, antique filming and lighting equipment, and the shiny tiled ceiling that amplifies the sounds in the room.

The guest's chatter and laughter before and after the wedding in the halls will be loud due to the acoustics - which is a nice intangible feature that Casino Can Clement offers.

The separate areas of this wedding venue make it ideal for each part of the wedding ceremony, the dinner, dancing, reception, and drinks.

The outdoor areas really give the sense of freedom and being in San Clemente near the ocean we're hoping the air is better than LA, but either way, fresh ocean breeze always adds to a wedding.

You & your caterers & event staff will love the fact that

1) Parking is easy.
2) It's by the beach.
3) They're super flexible on hours and arrival time.

Also the main dance hall also has a very unique and different ceiling with wild architecture which will have your guest neck-breaking the first 15 minutes they arrive as they admire the ceiling.

The music will sound great in the room because of it's acoustics and design.  I personally love this place and would strongly consider it for my own wedding venue if/when that day occurs.

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