The Chart House, Dana Point

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When considering a

Cheap Wedding Location in California, The Chart House in Dana Point immediately comes to mind.

The breathtaking view of the Dana Point Harbor from above with the ocean breeze blowing through your hair sounds like something you'd write for a movie, but for budget minded newlyweds, that's where they tie the knot.

How many Wedding Locations in California, (or around the world), do you know that shifts the way it's guests feel for years after the wedding is over.

I can speak from experience because I was lucky enough to be invited to my good friend Jen and Mark's wedding at The Chart House Dana Point, and to this day, I am still affected - my life shifted in a positive way on that day because of amount of love and beauty that was before me has elevated my soul to a new level.

How many wedding venues can say that?

The minute I pulled up to the place I could feel something special happening. The air was changing as I drove up that long driveway and by the time I got to the top and parked my car, the ocean wind was whipping by perfectly to set me up for the moment that changed my life forever.

The wind hit my hair and it was as if it hit my heart. Suddenly my feet became light and my pace quickened, but to me, everything was slowing down because my perception was expanding into the zone, that Michael Jordan zone where everything becomes easy...that's what I felt but it was subtle - so subtle, I didn't realize what was happening at the time, but I knew it felt good.

Who knew - Chart House, an Orange County wedding location, in Dana Point, CA, is an under the radar wedding location that changed my life - and I've never been married there.

So what's the big deal. How did my life really change - we need to be clear on this. OK consider this - the fact that i am writing this article about wedding locations in California and the first one I choose is The Chart House, Dana Point,

...and even though it was years since I've been there and I've been to dozens of beautiful weddings since,

I still chose Chart House as the first wedding venue in CA to feature on this site that's dedicated to beautiful venues for people to get married at.

I'll never forget the moment the best man, who was their beloved dog, walked down the isle and delivered the ring. My tears originated from many levels, including love and a feeling of eternity.

Much of the love was in the air, and in the animal love, and the lovely scenery as well, but it was the location itself the actual wedding location that pulls in the feeling of eternity.

The Chart House Dana Point does that with it's location - by default, it's going to give you and your wedding party that eternal feeling.

They have very reasonable ceremony and reception packages and if you do it buffet style you can get it down to as low as $50 bucks a head - not a bad way to save money on your wedding day - while blowing your guests away...

for life...

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