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Albertson Wedding Chapel

Albertson Wedding Chapel is a great Los Angeles wedding location if you’re looking for something cheap, small and with lots of charm. This chapel is so cute I’m sure anyone reflecting on their marriage years down the road, or the location of their LA wedding years down the road, the Albertson Wedding Chapel will be…

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Casino San Clemente

Historic Wedding Locations are one of our favorites choices to tie the knot and Casino San Clement is a great historic spot to check. So let’s get started… The Location of San Clemente is not the most centralized place for guests and visitors to reach, but that’s part of it’s charm because it’s outside of…

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The Chart House, Dana Point

When considering a Cheap Wedding Location in California, The Chart House in Dana Point immediately comes to mind. The breathtaking view of the Dana Point Harbor from above with the ocean breeze blowing through your hair sounds like something you’d write for a movie, but for budget minded newlyweds, that’s where they tie the knot.…

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