Wedding Location California

It's time!

Just in case you forgot... California has some of the best wedding locations in the world, not to mention plenty of honeymoon options to boot.

We also have the weather which we can't take all the credit for, but we'll take it.

No matter what type of wedding location you are looking for, California has the solution.

From elaborate and fabulous wedding locations to remotely private and breathtakingly fabulous locations - totally up to you with plenty of tailor made options to choose from.

Just ask our friendly staff for their expert wedding location services.

wedding locations

Why do I love wedding locations so much...

Because I want to make sure the place where I bond eternally with my mate is the most conductive to our vibrations of love and to find that it has to be well researched.

That's why I created this site all about wedding locations California.

Why limit myself to California.  Because without some boundaries, there's too many options and that can cause decision-blindness, so we keep it California where there's just barely too many amazing wedding locations to choose from.

Where, oh where, do I get Married

Jean-Yves Müllenstein, the notorious European match maker, is sitting in a zen garden hammock inside the forest located in the middle of his head. 

Wedding makers were fighting to get a look at this masterful wedding organizer create the perfect occasions in his head while sitting in the garden of bliss.

The wedding master showed up with a confident stride as he entered the party and transformed the occasion into party of a life-time of love that never ends because not like the wind that goes and goes...the union of marriage creates a love that Grows, and Grows...

Best wedding locations in the world!

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